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August 31, 2008


Cop Car

You hit a bonanza with the wild blackberries. Great! I have a hard time picturing your making mild salsa. Does not compute. It won't be long before your fresh produce is a memory, there in NH. Glad you are enjoying and preserving.


oh wow fresh salsa! i like the hot kind even better than the mild :-) and fresh pumpkins too....mmmm pumpkin pie.
i have quite a crop of blackberries myself bogie and a good crop of pears this year.


Cop Car - Most of the peppers I grew this year are mild to middling hot. I grew several plants of giant jalapenos that are really mild - those are for making homemade poppers though.

Bod - MMM, pears. I never really got much out of the pear tree when we had it - probably because the ants loved it so much that it was always stressed out. Enjoy the fruits from your gardens!

Cop Car

Bod--I'm with Bogie in envying you your pears. So far, in the 8 years since our two pear trees were planted, I believe that I've seen fewer than 10 pears, total. We did have a more prolific tree at our last house; but, it was probably 20 years old before it became so.

Bogie--Wish I remembered what kind of peppers I planted (think I bought them at Atwoods when Elegant Friend and I were after something for her). They are long, light green, and mildish. I've been using one pepper per three tomatoes for fresh salsa this summer. I picked (probably) the last of the crop of the tomatoes this morning--vine wilt, or whatever. Only about 1/3 of the tomatoes was OK--the rest went into composting (one with a tiny slug). Picked a bunch of peppers to go with the tomatoes; but, there isn't enough cilantro. Last batch, I used dried cilantro--a disaster. I'll buy some, this time.

As to our canned salsa, I am severely disappointed in my batch. I think I put so much of the cilantro into EF's batch that I lacked enough in mine.

Cop Car

According to "The Whole Chile Pepper Book" by Dave DeWitt and Nancy Gerlach, my peppers are wax peppers - varying widely in heat; but, often substituted for jalapenos.


Mm, salsa! Glad your tomatoes made it past the "rotten" early august weather. We get mysterious volunteer pumpkins too.


CC - Wax or Banana peppers were my thoughts by your description.

Amy - This house doesn't function without salsa! Threw away a lot of tomatoes because of some mysterious spotted disease (only on one type of tomato), bug intrusions and such.

Cop Car

We got a lot of the spotted disease here, too--on all types of tomatoes. Elegant Friend pulled her vines about a week ago, and I may as well have done. EF pointed out that the leaves and branches were brown and sere, as well. We blamed it on the moisture that we've had most of the season. Guess you'll have to blame yours on the dry?


Well, we did have a couple of weeks of rain (started just before I left for St. Louis) - then a couple mor weeks of dry. I got the same sere vines, I'm pretty sure that is a seperate virus than the spotting thing. I'll be checking it out online.

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