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August 02, 2008



It's caused by some Sitemeter issue & IE7. You can click on stop as soon as the page loads & keep it from throwing the error. Or like I did, take Sitemeter off your site entirely.


Funny, I just saw this on Instapundit and so I tested IE7, which is working just fine to load our page, and Site Meter itself - allegedly that was a problem - and of course here. It has to be a specific setting or service release of IE7 that's causing it.

Cop Car

Hmmm...I run IE7, but may not yet have done the update. I'm unclear on what a sitemeter has to do with it if you are prevented from accessing other people's blogs, but I don't use one and no less than nothing about the whole thing. Good luck!

Cop Car

I not only "no less" but "know less", obviously!


Thanks for everyone's input. I didn't have to do a thing for the situation to right itself this morning.


Bogie, I don't know what happened, but I can tell you that a crossword blog that I read was closed down for a few hours due to Site Meter. The blog owner had to take Site Meter off the blog to get it to load for the readers.

It's a relief they seem to have straightened out the problem without our having to make corrections.

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