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June 14, 2008


Cop Car

Hmmm...until seeing the photo and reading your post I hadn't realized that I had no gold/champaign blooms, this year. Either I missed seeing/remembering seeing them this year, I sent you the only ones I had (not very good at keeping the tubers sorted out, or...? How long do your dianthus and creeping phlox bloom? I'm thinking that I've a place that needs covering with something other than weeds and they might fill the bill. Beautiful flowers, Sweetie!


The phlox blooms for a couple of weeks in spring and sporadically thru the summer. I don't know if it would last that long in your heat, but try a couple of plants to see.

The Pinks last a week or two (going by memory. I believe they also rebloom if you cut back the spent blooms.

Both will spread with time, although the Pinks take more time than the creeping phlox.

Actually, I keep referring to Pinks, but there are other dianthus such as Sweet William that aren't quite so shocking in color (believe me, Pinks are just about flouresent).

Cop Car

Gee, they are beautiful in bloom; but, if they only flower for two weeks....Diantha are something with which I am somewhat familiar--as to looks, at least. Yes, the Sweet William is much more soothing--if soothing is what one seeks. In your yard, surrounded by all of the trees and shade, the pinks are probably most welcome!

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