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June 01, 2008


Cop Car

June has been a dry month, so far--except for the dew that is as heavy as a light rain. Whatever you decided to do, today, here's hoping that it worked out great for you!

BTW: Is it any wonder that I am jealous of your setting? I forwarded the part about the grossbeaks (with 3 photos) to Elder Brother. He probably gets them at his house, too! *stewing in my jealousy*

Cop Car

Not 30 minutes following posting of my first comment, clouds, thunder, and lightning prevailed. A bit later it rained for a while--about 0.14" worth. As your dad says, hardly worth going out to measure!


we had a purple finch (male) visit the other day. Unfortunately, that is about it for birds at our place (okeay, I haven't yet mentioned the ruby throated humminbirds which have been here for about a month).

You certainly get a larger variety of birds during the winter than we do in the summer (judging by your winter bird count lists anyway)

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