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June 15, 2008


Cop Car

It really would be nice if we could work out an agreement whereby we shared rainfall each year. I thought of you last night as the weather radar on TV was showing all of the red in PA, NY, etc--noting that nothing was really doing in your area. *sigh*


We've had enough to keep the farmers out of the fields, and enough to make my gardens lush. Luckily, we have not had so much that Casa Buffy had to worry about flooding. Rain came last night to save transplants that I hadn't remembered to water.

My sis, her daughter, her daughter's Danish beau and his mother are doing Chicago today, and hope to do a twilight sail with DH. I hope they luck out and miss the scattered showers that have been moving through.

Good luck with your rain dance ...er...recipe.


The recipe worked to an extent. We got several days of rain this week, culminating in about 1.5" of wet stuff. Naturally, we got 3/4" in a 15 minute deluge last night, so all of that ran off (proof: the driveway has mini-canyons running down it. Fixable without too much effort, but still a pain in the butt).

The gardens and weeds are looking much perked up!

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