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June 06, 2008


Cop Car

If I don't get out for my walk by 6:30 AM, I don't get a walk in at all. Too hot and too humid--for about 3 weeks, now--so I can sympathize with your 30-degree jump. Not great!

I am really impressed with your almost-black iris and the clematis (which I seem to recall being called a "moonbeam" or some such?) The drugosa looks like a camellia! I've not seen many primroses since we left Seattle in 1967. They were popular, out there. Totally lovely flower photos.

Cop Car

Oh! I see, now--Claire de Lune. Well, that's almost the same as moonbeam--they both have "moon" in them (when translated).


The primroses struggle (the plants are smaller than when I got them 2 years ago), but I was impressed with their flowering this year. I'm hoping that year 3 will be the magic time that they stop sulking and spread out a bit!

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