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May 25, 2008


Cop Car

Wow--how neat. Congratulations on the acquisition! (And on the playing around.) Since most of your listed requirements suit me, I'll just borrow your research results when I go out to get mine. (Of course I will!) Wind in your face and all that.

Wichi Dude

Nice ride. Most people (non-riders) don't realise the importance of practise riding somewhere when you get a new bike. Very smart move.

Wind and bugs to you.

I'll fly you a kite to ask some questions about the bike.


I forgot one of the most important items on the list - must be comfortable to sit on!

Some people go for looks/style and can live with an un-comfy seat. Not me, I like to be comfortable.

Cop Car - I thought you were going to win that Big Dog Motorcycle in the raffle!

Cop Car

I'm still waiting for them to announce me as the owner. I took a walk-around, today. It sits low enough per your spec, I believe. For some reason, I thought it was a Big Dog; but, it's a Suzuki S40. From the Midway-Kansas Chapter's website:

"Great for cruising to work or a road trip to the lake, the Suzuki Boulevard S40 was built or fun.

"Weighing only 352 pounds, you’ll feel the power when you twist the throttle. With its low seat and wheelbase, the S40 responds wonderfully at any speed. The S40’s custom flat handle bar design provides a sporty appearance, and the final-drive belt will let you cruise through traffic cleanly and quietly. With a fuel economy of more than 50 miles-per-gallon on the highway, you’ll be able to enjoy this motorcycle all day long. Valued at $4,399...."

Cop Car

Somewhat belatedly, please tell WS that I like the railings. The railings around here get more use than they used to--especially when the steps are icy! Glad to see the "up-grade".


The S40 is a cute little thing. Actually it might have been in the running except it is carburated and has a limited tank range.

Bod - I will pass on the kudos to WS.

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