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May 21, 2008


Cop Car

Had anyone asked how you liked your electronics, I might have guessed that you were pleased. Glad for the confirmation! And for the lovely pictures. No--the tulip doesn't strike a chord so I won't go nuts trying to figure that one out; but, the Blueberry Ripple is a peach! (Not literally.)

Cop Car

Is the database something that you've always kept? Is it something that resulted from your classes? Is it something you just felt like doing? I have spreadsheets on a lot of stuff, but not on plants/plantings.


The Tulip is "Antoinette".

I have kept the database for about 3 years - ever since I got a lot of peolple asking me what plants were; with my standard answer being "I don't know".

I have 274 items in the database - all of the things I have planted, not neccessarily what all has survived. There are still several items that I planted before the database taht I have never figured out exactly what they are (or at least their "named> variety.


The Blueberry Ripple tulip IS gorgeous! And I don't believe I've ever seens so much creeping phlox in one place. That makes quite a statement.

In your database, do you have a place to indicate where things have been planted? or do you have pictures in the database? I have about25 varieties of iris, and I'm trying to think how I might list them so that I could match them to the plants in situ.


i just want to strike another vote for the blueberry ripple tulip. that is just spectacular!

Cop Car

Buffy--If you have Access installed on your computer, you can link photos to records, easily. It can probably be done rather easily with Excel, too, but I've not tried it. Now, I'll let the expert (Bogie) give you the real answer--as you asked her to! : )


Buffy - my database indicates where and item is planted (by yard sections) and has a notes area that I can further indicate exact location. I also try to keep pics of what I have and link to those pics in the database.

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