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May 31, 2008


Cop Car

What prolific bloomers your bleeding hearts are! Our pink ones are still in bloom, but do not have the numbers of blossoms that yours have (I had to enlarge the photo to see your pinks.) I don't recall seeing our own white bleeding hearts, this year; but, I never remember where the bleeding hearts are planted and may have missed them.
Bachelor's buttons are a favorite, with me, because Great-grandmother Sweet always had a patch of them. It brings back memories of the 1940s and 1950s. This fall, I'll be swapping out one stand of irises (closest to the street) for the bachelor button patch that is hidden from the street by our pom pom junipers. The irises are too tall for where they are while the bachelor's buttons are too short for where they are.
Your irises are just about 30 days behind ours--not bad for the difference in latitude.
All of your plants are gorgeous. They show the attention that you've paid them. Well done!


The bleeding hearts are on the north side of the house and love it there. They tend to bloom throughout the season, even though they don't get any water othe than rain.

One of the bleeding hearts in that group doesn't do so well. A fern-leaf BH grows only about 6" high, blooms, then withers away until fall, when it repeats the cycle. I don't know what is up with that one, but it is dwarfed by the others so doesn't really show.

Cop Car

Grandmother Hall (my grandmother) had bleeding hearts on the north side of her front porch--at two different houses--the memory of which is why I plant bleeding hearts. As our house has no north side, ours are planted on the northeast side and seemingly love it. They are in nice contrast to the yews that are between them and the house foundation.

By the way: the hostas, a plant that I didn't think I even liked until you started talking them up, look fabulous this year. They are along the window well wall of our basement excape window, where I needed something short-ish.


Glad I could widen your horizons in the plant world!

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