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May 17, 2008


Cop Car

You need to tell us more about the "rewards", Bogie. Please convey HH's and my congratulations to Natalie and her family.


If I knew what the awards were, I would have mentioned them - I just know that she got soem sort of honors (Suma Cum Laude?) and something else. Since I have no idea what the cord colors mean (having never participated in a college graduation), those weren't much help either.

Cop Car

My apologies for not including you in my college graduation, Bogie. The fact that you were precisely two months old, at the time, bore on my decision. The cord colors are a mystery to me at the baccelaureate level. I have no idea what color(s) mine was/were. See? Had you attended your own graduation, you might be more educated! *smirking*

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