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May 11, 2008


Wichi Dude

Nice pattern. Black shots would still be good hits in a day to day setting. Not like you were going for sniper training.

Still, good job. Question though, 25 yard mark?

Might have to pull out the hardware again and brush up.

Cop Car

As I recall, you and Dudette were pretty dead-eye back in the days when you took Shooter's Safety from the Jaycees. Nice shooting!


Neat! I may check out a Sigarms handgun course for this summer. Thanks for the inspiration.


Should've dropped me a line. I'd have invited you over for a cold PBR to celebrate. We can sit on our back deck and listen to the sounds of gunfire from SigArms come wafting through the trees.


That shooters safety was with BB-guns, just to let everyone else know what it was. I seem to recall I did alright back then, but I didn't have the vision challenges I have now, and everything was steadier when lying on the ground.

WD - Not quite so long as 25 yards - more like 7 paces.

Bruce - if the class wasn't so darn long (I left the house at 6 AM and finally got home 6:30 PM, I might have looked you up. Maybe next time!

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