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May 02, 2008


Cop Car

Wow! What a nice birthday present. WS did well and you did great at finding a good price on the computer! I didn't realize that there was a laptop out there with a 101 keyboard (not too hip, huh?) Is Star Office put out by the same folks who had Word Star 25 years ago? I cut my teeth on Word Star, as my word processor; but, along the way, have had to use Volks Writer, Word Perfect, and Word--that I can think of off the top of my head. As to the MS Office Pro 2007, I don't know; but, there used to be an Office XP Standard for Students and Teachers. I have Version 2002, which does not include Access (drat!); but, later versions may have--and it's much cheaper than the full versions (I'm thinking I paid just under $150 for it--on the basis of all the classes that I was taking for work.)

Thanks for the posting on the cats; but, I'll have to get to it from another machine. This machine (the hand-me-down from HH--last Nov) has two drawbacks. I can't get speakers to work with it (no biggie!) and I can't get Flash Player to update (I've tried a zillion times.)


Office Star (or actually, Star Office) is put out by Sun. Maybe it is the same thing.

I specifically need MS Office Pro because it has the database on it (database itself costs about $300).

Star Office is fine for the Word and Excel (which is pretty much all you get with the student version) and is only $60.

Then, one needs an email program, which only comes with Office or Office Pro (thus, wanting Office Pro v- for email and database). I got a trial version of 2007 and they have moved EVERYTHING. I dislike it intensly. It took me 2 days to figure out how to add a row in Excel.

Addtionally, a 2003 version would be compatible with what we use at work (2002) and what is on my desktop (2003).

I can get around disliking 2007, but I also dislike having to spend as much on software as I did on the whole blessed computer!

Cop Car

I hear you on the cost of the software--and--on the changes that make 2007 a real joy (not) to work with.

There is an exhaustive history of WordStar at http://www.wordstar.org/wordstar/history/history.htm, which reminds me that the WordStar I used ran on DOS. At work, I sometimes used a Sun station which, of course, ran UNIX; but, I don't recall our having the UNIX version of WordStar. On our Windows machines, we had Word Perfect for a year or so (during which time I used the DOS imulator to allow me to use Word Star 3.0), then switched to Word. I see no real connection between WordStar and Sun, but may have missed it.

Too bad the student Office suite does not include Access!


I didn't do any research at all, so Sun probably didn't have anything to do with WordStar - must just be a coincidence that the names are so close.

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