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March 30, 2008



Bogie, how is your greenhouse fixed to the ground? I was looking at what I think is a similar model in a catalog, and Dear Husband thought it would be a good idea for early seed starting. What worries me is that the raccoons might take up residence and ask me to make them curtains. Have you had any trouble with unwanted visitors?


WS set up wood pallets and covered them with plywood for flooring. The greenhouse itself was tethered to the ground thru two guy-lines from each corner (WS marked the lines with orange tape so I wouldn't trip - nice guy!). The covering tucked under the the suports for the shelving so once there is weight on the shelves, critters couldn't get in that way.

Even when I left the door open at night, I never had any unwanted visitors. I wish mine had a vent up top, but it doesn't - thus the open door when it gets warm. Most nights I would close it up, just to be on the safe side though.

Send me a link to the greenhouse (assuming they have a website) and I can probably tell you if it is the same.


Thanks! I'll have to ask DH to give back the catalog, and then I can send you the site. I'll be back with it later this weekend.

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