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March 30, 2008


Cop Car

Would like to be a #1 (know it will never come to pass); but, am a #4. Been working with my hands all my life and have never found anything that didn't eventually come off of them. (Opposites attract: your dad won't roll the trash bin out to the curb, pick up a birdfeeder to hang outside, or pick up a shovel of any kind without first donning his leather gloves. Of course, most years, the extent of Hunky Husband's shoveling is to clear a strip of driveway during one snow. Your Grandfather S never did anything about the house, setting the example for HH. I tell HH that it's a good thing he's cute!)


i'm probably a 3 or a 4 but that's when i actually get around to it! i love the idea and i'm always GOING to do it, i'm just erratic about it!

Cop Car

Bod--I should have added the proviso that you did. "i love the idea and i'm always GOING to do it, i'm just erratic about it!"


As I walk out the mudroom door, I'm slipping on a pair of latex gloves. We have an inordinate amount of poison ivy here, and I'm terribly susceptible, so I've had to train myself to wear either the latex gloves or a new pair of cotton gloves or leather gloves. I've tried all kinds. Unfortunately, my superb source of the powder-free latex gloves just dried up when I needed to re-order. I'll have to check the local warehouse clubs to see if they are stocking any. So....I'm a 3, I suppose.

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