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November 10, 2007


Cop Car

Yes, it was obviously an ad that had been shot during a previous season. I'm thinking it's an LL Bean ad--with voice-over telling about how their outerwear is tested under extreme conditions. They also, laughingly, refer to the fact that the guy inside the observatory is testing their outerwear and that some conditions are more extreme than others. If it isn't LL Bean, it is a competitor. 911 inches is a bunch of snow (I'll vow that .3 inch is extremely insignificant in such a measurement!)


Alright, who snuck that 9 in there? It was supposed to read 10.7".

Come to think of it, I have seen that add for LLB.


apparently we had snow here yesterday too. i missed it i was too busy working. but snow on the beach is so bizarre, it's just not right! no matter how odd, i still have to go look tho!


It was in the high 50's yesterday - it is snowing now. However, we aren't supposed to get any measurable amount (up north predictions are for 4-8").

Cop Car

Whew! 10.7 is manageable.

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