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November 25, 2007



I was 77% lush. I am with you on this one, I am not a lush as much as I remember small stupid things.


i'd like to take the 5th on this one :-)


FN - one day you will amaze your friends and relatives with your knowledge of those small, stupid things. I can't remember how many times that Cop Car's HH has asked me "how do you know that?" or said, "I can't believe you know that." Hmm, maybe that is more an indictment on my intelligence than amzaement on his part - LOL.


Bod - I know several people that could make up several quizzes like this and never have to consult any resources (especially if it has to do with beer). And NOT because they remember trivial stuff. That doesn't make them bad people though.


Congrats on your score. :)

"Then I realized I really hate working with people..." made me smile.

Cop Car

Bogie--HH is amazed that anyone knows stuff that he has never paid enough attention to notice/learn. On the one hand, I am amazed at what they did not teach him in grade school. (Who knows whether it was the school or the pupil?) I think that he just hasn't paid attention to stuff in his past lives. You, on the other hand, are so widely read that it is no wonder that you know stuff that we don't. (OTOH: HH sometimes amazes me at what he does know. Rather insulting that I would think he wouldn't know, isn't it?!) I will defend HH that he would never dream of insulting/denigrating your intelligence!


Amy - you would have thought after several years in fast food, I would have realized that little thing a bit sooner. However, I was usually in the cooking area (back in the early '80's, one actually had to cook instead of operate a microwave), so that is my excuse.

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