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October 06, 2007



Yup - I can see you as a pirate. I scored as a Ninja Assassin!! Not sure I can see this one (LOL).

Cop Car

How did you observe "Talk Like a Pirate" day (September 20)?


I turned out to be a Cowboy Outlaw.....53%. I suspect that they just didn't now where to file me.

I can see you as a Pirate! *G*


I spent September 20 frantically trying to beat everyone into submision so that we would pass our ISO audit on the 25th.

The whip-cracking worked (it might have had something to do with the plank-walking threats).

However, I did NOT talk like a pirate (except for maybe a few choice words).


Buffy - looking at the catagories, I think you are right. Don't see you as any of those, so Cowboy Outlaw was the default.

Dudette - Ninja Assassin, how cool! YOu probably decided you wanted a fake eyeball instead of an eyepatch hu?


What the heck?!?! I rated a 73% Pretty Princess! I demand a recount!


Chew is 78% Ninja Assassin but in a close second and third 70% Cowboy Outlaw and 70% Pirate Captain.


Pretty Princess - well, you can be a bit of a diva, so I think it got it spot on

An English Major as a Ninja - I think that is where the recount needs to be (although, obviously an English Major isn't going to talk like a pirate or cowboy or a Mafia Boss - so maybe Ninja was fairly accurate)

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