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October 19, 2007


Cop Car

What is your snow level down to? In Oregon (as you know, I just returned from a week in Portland), snow level came down to 3000 feet. I basked in the cool weather. Only walked to work in the rain one day--which turned out to be the day we had a "false alarm" evacuation at about 12:30 PM, Thursday. Since I had not grabbed my windbreaker or brief bag in the evacuation (I thought it was a fire drill), I bought a new jacket on my way back to the hotel. They had announced at 2:15 PM that we would not be allowed back into our building until 7:00 AM, Friday. Bummer! Anyway--I did enjoy the weather.


Um, we barely have anyhting that goes as high as 3000 feet. I'm sure there is snow on top of Mount Washington, but other than that notheing as far as I know. Remember, we are really foothills - not mountains (you are as high in altitude as our house is).

Cop Car

The ad that features a guy shoveling a snow path at the Mount Washington Observatory is really convincing. Brrrr!


We had our first hard frost November 1, fully a month later than usual. Color change came the last week of October, when it's usually underway by the first week of October.

TOday, November 3, has been spectacular. I went out to cut back peonies in a sweater and turtleneck, and was more than warm enough. Our color display has been short, but there are some beautiful reds and golds out there. This is my favorite time of year.

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