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October 19, 2007



fabulous bogie :-) love the garlic jelly idea too.


I need to be out in my gardens RIGHT NOW! I hate having to trim back the gardens and get the lawn ready for winter, but it's time to start. I expect to get about fours hours in today before family activities pull me away.

One of the chores is using the brush-hogger. I've asked Dear Husband to take the chain saw to the rugosa rose. I learned from you that it's good to cut them back. Since it's at the bend in the drive, I plan to put markers in on either side of it, so that DH won't be tempted to rip it out with the snow plow this winter. Once I can get into that garden, I plan to cut all the volunteer shrubs out.

I guess I better quit typing and go work! Have a great weekend!

Cop Car

Ah, Bogie, you are so much like my mother in being a happy farmer. She would have been pleased to have lived on the farm for life! You do a wonderful job.

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