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October 07, 2007


Cop Car

How often does one get a second Last Ride? If you could get 1/2" of rain every now and then, rather than having it come in 4"-15" batch drops, wouldn't it be nice?


The Harley dealership in North Hampton has been having a festival this weekend. Lots in town!


Cop Car - yeah, kind of strange to get another last ride. Wouldn't have happened if I hadn't dropped the class though.

Amy - Maybe the group went there. All I know is that they definitely were one large group.


Got more rain last night. Have to wait until daylight before I know how much. It would be a nice break not to have to water all the stuff that has been planted this year!

Cop Car

Amen on not having to water! After posting my last comment, it occurred to me that this ride was your first ride--of autumn. Oh, well. When you had posted about your last ride--of summer--I automatically thought of it as your last ride of 2007. Glad it wasn't.


pardon my ignorance bogie but what are leaf peepers?


Leaf Peepers are peaple that come up north to view the fall foliage.


ah, thankyou :-)


Hey Bogie, I forgot you were a rider.

I'm thinking of getting a bike for my new commute - twenty minutes of surface streets in Phoenix, Az.

What's your bike?
Or perhaps a better question - what would be a good starter bike for a 5'4" somewhat out-of-shape fortysomething?


Jen - actually I haven't had my own bike for about 10 years - and didn't ride very long (only a couple of years) before I ended up with a bum wrist (not good on the throttle hand).

However, If you can find a Yamaha 250 or a Suzuki 250 (street or cruiser type, not rocket-type), they should be low enough for you. Here is a link that may help. Here is another.

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