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October 31, 2007


Wichi Dude

Hmmmm...now let me get this straight..."web log", ie. "blog", a "personal journal on-line", is NOT about the person and all their little thoughts?

WOW! I missed a memo somewhere. I thought that is what a blog was all about, writing what was happening in your world and how you felt about it. I never knew I was supposed to be writing about things that made other people happy and that I wasn't allowed to whine when I felt like it.

I am sorry and will correct my ways immediately...NOT!!!

I love it when a brain-fart goes to script. The moon-bats have launched. hehehe


Hey, while you are writing things to make me happy, I demand that you post more often - because I just know your blog is just for Me, me, me - LOL

Cop Car

Thanks for the chuckle, Bogie. Those of us who care about you and WS find the whole thing a hoot! (But then, we have warped senses of humor, no?)

Wichi Dude

Really. I plan on doing something soon. Just been a bit busy with therapy and stuff. If I hadn't been told of this post, I wouldn't have seen it either.


i really like reading about the life and times of bogie, i don't always comment but it's kind of nice to read it.
it makes you feel like a neighbour (with much better control of her garden than me!)


About the only time I de-link anyone is when their blog goes dormant for more than a few months. The only exception is when they tell us that they'll no longer be posting but are leaving their archives in place (Steven Den Beste being one of those). In many cases their past posts are still relevant so they stay linked with a little post script saying 'Archives'. When I de-link blogs due to inactivity, I usually say so in a post that I use to update the blogroll with new finds, moved links, etc.

The only other time I have de-linked someone was when they requested it (a moonbat extreme left-wing blogger asked that I take their blog off of my 'Noisy Left' links, and I obliged them).


Oh, heck! The computer must have swallowed ANOTHER memo....

I didn't realize I was supposed to be bored when I read your blog. Could you go back and delete dozens of comments from me that might lead people to think I was having a good time here? I wouldn't want my image tarnished!

At the moment, you are all de-linked on my blog. Not because I don't love you any more, but because we are a work in revision. RedEagleSpirit has upgraded the Moveable Type software, so there's tons of work to do, recreating templates and tweaking the program. I told T to do mine last, because I was contemplating a change of skins. Unfortunately, I didn't realize my links were down. If I'm absent from your blog, just tell the snotty one that someone else has de-linked you.

Thanks for the laugh, Bogie!


WS - Hope the PT is going well!

Cop Car - Warped? Us? no, tell me it isn't so.

Bod - I visit you often but rarely leave a comment becuase you have such lovely thoughts that I can't seem to come up with any words!


DCE - I've de-linked some people. But like you, mainly because their sites have gone quiete for a length of time. I have also de-linked a couple of people that seemed to go totally bizarro - but I didn't see the need to tell them so. I figured if they noticed, and cared enough, tht they could email me and I would explain then - I never had anyone ask about it though.

Bufy - knew we adopted you into the family for some reason - it must be your exquisit taste in blog reading. LOL!

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