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September 09, 2007


Cop Car

What a last ride--sounds wonderful! BTW: East coast "Mexican food" may differ from that in KS...which differs from that in NM...but, almost anywhere one can find good/great Mexican food. I've enjoyed it in DC!


All in all...sounds like a fun day to me. Hope there are many good days ahead.

Wichi Dude

Gotta love rides like that. Glad you had a chance to enjoy.


No doubt you've been hitting the books all this time. A last ride sounds wonderful. This weekend will be the last sail for Dear Husband. He'll have the mast unstepped and next weekend, the Arr!! will be lifted out. I think I would have enjoyed your ride more than a sail.

Good luck with the books. I hope your courses are going well!


where are you bogie?


Good Question Bod, I think I answered it here. I know, pretty sorry excuses, but they are all I have.

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