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August 04, 2007



Anytime! lol


Boy am I in trouble. I scored a 34!


I scored 13! Guess I'm a below average person?


Matty - that means that you are the only "normal" person around.

FN - I never figured you to score that high - now do you believer that you take more after me than your own folks?


My only consolation is that since I have a terrible time remembering numbers (I can only remember 2 or 3 phone numbers - I actually had to carry around a piece of paper with my phone number on it for years!), I didn't score nearly as high as I could have.


>19 Average male scientist, and average male or female physicist

I scored 19! I find it very difficult to believe that I might equate to an average physicist!

Bogie, I have a tracfone, and I have my cell phone number taped to the back of the phone because I can never remember it. (Of course, we never call ourselves.....)


hey bogie, that was interesting. i scored 18, well, you live and learn!
as for the cell phone, i've given up even trying to remember it. as for others cell phones, well why would i need to remember them? they're programmed into mine :-)


Cell phone numbers? I spent years trying to remember my home phone number even though I had to write it down for everything from employment, to utilities to home/auto loans and everything else.

I don't have ohter people's cell phone numbers because I don't call people - I hate talking on phones (just a couple of points in the score). Other people don't have my cell phone number either, so all is kept in balance.

Cop Car

Oh, Bogie, you poor dear. You take after your mother in far too many ways! When your dad and I got our first phone (and, phone number), I had to look myself up in the phone book when someone needed it. That was really embarrassing when I was trying to charge something at a store, downtown. Guess I'll have to go take the test--if my ISP will let me. It has been acting up for the last 10 days; but, I worked on it, today, and it seems to be doing a bit better.

Cop Car

26--but I probably lied a lot. Just not sure on what!

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