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July 08, 2007



Since we didn't stop when you got off the bypass I didn't get a chance to thank you for inviting us and the great dinner. I didn't realize you got to see them make the adjustment to the anchor, I was trying to figure out how they operated it.


YOu are more than welcome. I took pictures of the mechanism and will try to explain it when the film comes back.


Sounds like you had a wonderful day! And well-deserved after all the work you've been through. Good for you..hope you have many more great days like that!


that sounds wonderful,glad you had such a good time.


What a great day! We've had the pleasure of visiting some of the tall ships several times when they've come to the Southwest coast of Lake Michigan. We saw them first in Racine, and then here in Chicago. There's a picture of Dear Husband lounging against the aft rail of the Serenity on my blog. She's one of the smallest of the tall ships that come into Lake Michigan. Fascinating, aren't they? Baltimore has a right to be proud of Pride II, she's a lovely vessel.


I never realized that the tall ships went up thru the lakes - glad you get to see some of them too!

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