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July 04, 2007


Cop Car

Gorgeous photos! BTW: I just returned from 10 days in wonderful Topeka--at the state emergency operation center. For the flooding in 20 counties of Kansas, don't you know? How did you fare?

Judy & Don were here, overnight, a few days before I left. Judy loved all of the photos that you had posted of your pets and flowers! (Don was busy doing something else while we were gawking.)


I assumed you were out with the Red Cross. Seems to be a never-ending season of emergencies this year!

Cop Car

Yes--I am still working the flooding. Unfortunately, it has blown my right hand--this one-handed typing thing sucks! The hand hurts like heck, but I finally got some sleep last night--12 hours. I was so sleepy--having survived on 3-5 hours per night for the last week--phone calls and my usual poor sleep syndrome. We've cut back to 11.5-hour days--plus total of 3 hrs of driving, for me. Started assignment on the 1st. HH didn't accept assignment--so he could cleam up the mess from our own flooding--yard, only, again.

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