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June 30, 2007


Cop Car

Such gorgeous photos! The snake is so pretty. Is that a snowball in the foreground of the rhododendron photo? It surely looks happy! (The rhododendron, that is.)


Snowball? You can see the very tops of the 'Carmel' Heucheras. We get snow lateer than you guys, but not in June (except Mt. Washington and places further north).

Cop Car

Snowball is the "common" name for hydrangea--which I couldn't think of in my previous comment. (Well...it gave you a laugh, didn't it?)


Even if I had been thinking plant, snowball vibernum is what I would have been thinking. Don't ever recall hearing hydrangeas referred to as snowballs. Must be a Midwest thing.

Did get a bit of a chuckle though.


If you're interested, I did a bit of research and I'm pretty sure your serpentine visitor was an Eastern Milk Snake.

A nice photo of a handsome snake.


The snake did shake its tail, which sounded like a rattle, so at first we thought it was a timber rattler. then we found out how rare those were and figured we would wait for the pictures and take another stab at identifying it.

You are most likely correct with your identification. Thanks for the help!


I'll pass on the snake picture, but the IRIS....WOW are they beautiful. I don't know that I've ever seen a wiegala before. It's a beautiful shrub.

You must have exceptional gardens, Bogie!


I'm sure you have seen weigal before, but the more common ones are Wine and Roses and and Midnight Wine; which have purplish foliage.

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