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June 09, 2007


Cop Car

A few peaches each year would be a nice exchange, I think!

Cop Car

Okay, so I'm ignoring the fact that you wanted no comments on roses. (Sue me!) Peace and Double Delight were two of your Grandmother H's favorites. It's too bad Mom never got to take you to the rose gardens in Tulsa. She did so love them. She would be so pleased with your endeavors. Your Grandmother S wasn't so much on roses, but she did love to garden. She would be tickled with your pinks and phlox, particularly.

Cop Car

Oops! Let me correct the impression that I may have left. Mom S loved roses. She just didn't have good places to grow them so didn't have as many roses as Mom H had.


BOy! I'd love to be YOUR neighbor. I have feverfew, poppies and lamb's ears volunteers to share, and the ubiquitous iris. I don't remember anyone ever giving me a rose or a peach tree!

We've grown Peace and Double Delight. They lasted the longest of any roses, but finally gave in to the black spot that my garden seems to harbor. :-(

Your gardens sound heavenly!


I have no idea why you think I wanted no comments on the roses. What joke am I missing?


Buffy - My neighbor has shared lamb's ear and milkweed - however, it was not thru the regular way. Birds or wind has helped him share (he, obviously, is downhill / downwind of our yard). The problem is they are invading everyithing.

I now have milkweed growing in a section that I just planted last month (and I had removed all the topsoil to remove all the grass seeds/roots). They are also trying to take over the yard within the fence; WS was complaining yesterday about them.

I don't mind the ones in the lillies because the lilles are tough enough that they will keep the milkweed under control - it is everywhere else that I don't want it though.


i'm with buffy, i'd LOVE to be your neighbour!


As of Sunday, after taking him a tray full of potted plants (I threw in some lavender I started from seed and some blue penstemon digitalis - also started from see), I am going to trade the neighbor some of my hot pink dianthus for some of his mellower pink, with purple centers, dianthus.

We are also going to trade some of my white oriental irises for some of his blue ones.

I still have plants potted up that I will be taking to our next door neighbor.

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