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June 13, 2007


Cop Car

All three will probably live since that stock has abundantly shown its will to live. Bleeding hearts are among my favorite plants. My Grandmother H always had them on the north side of her front porch (both houses in which she lived during the overlap in our lives). I've planted several around here--in the shade. About 1/2 of them didn't thrive. The other 1/2 are not well placed as I had a different "planting plan" when I put them out than has since evolved. Still, I love their dainty blossoms each spring. Large, the plants don't get, though.


oh how i'd love to be your neighbour!


Heck....I'd have moved the roses! lol

I have one bleeding heart that was incredibly healthy this year. I weeded around it to make sure that it got enough sunlight. It's at the end of the driveway bed in dappled shade.

I have delayed reparing the walkway in my herb garden because of all the volunteers. I was describing it to my sister today. There's feverfew, lemon balm, English thyme, Lamb's ears, ox-eye daisies, weeds, and lots of red poppies. Soon, I'll be able to rip out spent plants or move some things, so I let the freebies go for the spring.

I hope all of your bleeding heart returns!


Buffy - If I had planted the Bh (or didn't have 5-6 others), it would be one thing. Plus, I need something there that will discourage the cats from using that area as a litter box - especially in the winter - and the roses fit that bill.


I had two, one died immediately after planting, the other lasted two years.
I love bleeding hearts. I will try again someday.

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