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May 21, 2007



I wish you lived closer. I wouldn't hesitate to hire you to look after Ed if I had to be away. Speaking of Ed, he went through something similar right after Christmas. He's around 15 we think, and has been an indoor-outdoor cat for the 13 or so years he's been with us. He goes out in the morning no matter what the weather. His visits are shorter in the winter, but he still braves the cold. Well, from shortly after Christmas until February, he spent the entire time indoors. He slept around the clock, and claimed my lap whenever I sat in the evening. He seems just fine now, but I was beginning to think his days were numbered. Maybe GT will be as fortunate, and the steps you have taken will help him through this infection.


ditto. i'd love to have you look after our kitties.
here's hoping for a peaceful, uneventful time for gt till owner comes back.

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