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May 07, 2007


Light & Dark

The deer standing on my back patio this afternoon reminds me of why I don't even try to garden here in the mountains. Even my containers got hoovered last year. That, plus the fact it'll be at least another month or 5 weeks before it's anywhere near safe from frost to have stuff in the ground.

I'll probably do herbs in the containers and have a race to see who gets to eat 'em first.

I know it's a helluva lotta work, but your gardening makes me a bit jealous, Bogie!



I don't get to put any veggies in the ground until June 1 (1st frost-free date) and the deer sometimes like to bed down in the veggie garden (tomatoes tend to come back from it, peppers don't do so well aftwards though). On the bright side, the bear doesn't raid the garden - if I could ever get corn to actually grow, it might be a different story though!

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