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May 15, 2007


Cop Car

Isn't it pleasant to see that all of your hard work paid off? You make a mother proud! (Not just for your grades.) Congratulations and well done!

Cop Car

P.S. WIWAK, the brainiacs were call "DARs"--Darned Average Raisers. A bit later, Curve Busters. It's amazing that none of your other profs have graded on a curve...many of mine (maybe half of them?) did. Usually, when they say that they grade on a curve, they really mean that they force a grade distribution (which isn't really on a curve, to me). The "usual" was 10% of the class got A, 20% B, 40% C, 20% D, 10% F. Most did not apply this slavishly, however, but break the curve where there seemed to be natural divisions. Do they give Ds and Fs anymore?


The only other proffessor that graded on a curve was for a Sales and Marketing. She graded on a curve for the tests only. Everyone hated me because I made the curve (didn't miss any questions) - the next closest were in the 80's (and me, I hate Sales/Marketing - go figure). In that case, the teacher would thorw out X amount of points, until the person with the highest grade got a "100", then add that many points to everyone else's grade.

They still give D's and F's. If the clas is a prerequisit or mandatory for your degree, you have to take it over until you get at least a C-, but the GPA is still figured with the lower score.


congratulations bogie

Cop Car

"...you have to take it over until you get at least a C-, but the GPA is still figured with the lower score."

That's how MSM figured things; but, WU/WSU did not allow "do-overs". Had I got a grade of F in a required course, I couldn't get a degree from WU (undergraduate). In WSU graduate school, had I been given a D, it would have been the "kiss of death". Go figure. Too (and, I assume this is universal) an undergraduate degree depended upon one's attaining a C average while a graduate degree required a B average.


You swing your arm around and pat yourself on the back! Congratulations! You should be proud of yourself. I was always a good student(as in I busted my ass). I remember crying once when I got a 95 on a test.....and I was a grown woman at the time.
You did yourself proud! Now go and treat yourself to something absolutely sinful!


I treated myself to a couple of pre-calc books to study up before I take the math course next semester.

Since those really don't seem to fit "sinful", I ordered a couple of mini roses for the garden. Maybe that is more decadent with the amount of plants that we have LOL.

Cop Car

Matty--Gee, Matty...some of us would cry for getting a 95 on a test...with joy. You and Bogie set high standards for yourselves and "bust your asses" to meet/exceed them. Good on both of you!!!


WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! Congrats on the great grade!

Like Cop Car, my college teachers frequently graded on the curve. Thinking back, I'm surprised that they did!

At the University of Illinois if you were pulling a C in a graduatate class, that was a BAD THING! I'd say you needed a B average to stay in the program.

At any rate, keep up the good work. It pays off!

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