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May 14, 2007



Ah! But just think how much you got accomplished. I'm surprised you didn't pass out on the couch. I prefer working outdoors than working indoors anyday. Have a good week!


i had worked outside every night during the week and on Saturday. I was sunburned and tired and really planned on getting groceries, doing dishes and sitting down to read a book while I watched the race. I got the first two done anyway (and I saw the last 15 laps of the race).


Boy was I a sucker! The den just got finished at 2:30 on Friday. Unfortunately, the carpet won't get laid for a couple more weeks. For such a small job, this is going amazingly slow!

Cop Car

Let's see which occurs first: completion of your den or completion of the first replacement house in Greensburg KS. I toured Greensburg, yesterday. Not only was there not much to see (all gone!), but I could hardly see what was there--for the tears in my eyes. Good luck in getting your den finished. It is taking a while, isn't it?

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