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April 21, 2007


Cop Car

Thank you, Love. Your wonderful card was the first to arrive--a couple of days early. Your dad is taking me out to dinner, this evening (and he took me to lunch, yesterday!) Good luck on all of your challenges on the home-front. Have the rivers started to recede?


happy birthday to both of them.x


The rivers have receded some - just not a whole lot. The Contoocook (in Hillsboro) was only a couple feet lower by Tuesday. I'll know more when I make the dump run here in a little while. The snow up north is melting, so the rivers and large feeder streams are still working pretty hard.

Many of the low places are still covered with water. However, I did notice last night that the stream by my clients house is starting to get closer to normal.

It rained yesterday, but I don't think we should have any trouble from that.

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