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April 17, 2007


Cop Car

Between the flooding in New England and the shootings in Virginia, there are many troubled people on the East Coast, these days. Do you have an explanation of your driveway's having (so far) survived better than the driveways of your neighbors--or is it just the luck of the draw? Hope you can stay dry.

Wichi Dude

Sometimes you just take what you can as far as good luck goes. Glad the drive, basement, and slides haven't gotten you. Hope it stays that way.


Good God! How very lucky I am to live in Canada. You haven't been very fortunate lately. Must be a dark cloud hovering over your house.
Hope things get better.


WS has worked for years to make the driveway well draining and stable. We made new drainage ditches alongside the driveway 3-4 years ago and shoveled in massive amounts of sand and gravel for drainage. Around the same time we also brought in dump truck loads of hard-pack for the top of the driveway (WS hand spread that).

If you recall, that was also part of last year's project with the excavator - replace the culverts at the end of the driveway (and place them deeper).

It wasn't luck - it was WS's excellent and tireless work!

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