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March 05, 2007



A case where popular = cheap, not good. I refuse to eat tilapia, primarily because I don't eat carp, African or otherwise.

Mmmm, cod. Now there's some good eats....one of our favorites.

Cop Car

Ah, it's a matter of taste (or, lack thereof?) Short of the fish's having gone bad or having been freezer burned, I've not met a fish that I didn't like--including tilapia. To each her own, eh?


When I was growing up, we didn't eat fish at home, and I never learned how to cook it. Because we want a healthier diet, I try to serve fish. I bought a box of frozen tilapia fillets and then went on-line to find ways to prepare them. Our favorites seem to be a pan-fried Parmesan crusted tilapia and another that has sauteed peppers and onions as a topping for the fish. Probably the Parmesan outweighs the benefits of the fish, and it's the way I prefer to eat it. I'd rather have salmon or (endangered) swordfish, tuna, or cod/scrod. My nephew taught me a wonderful way to cook rainbow trout fillets in foil, and that's pretty good, too. Maybe we could both pass on the tilapia....


I buy cod and sole, and we fish for our own pickerel and pike. I have tried tilapia once,,so I don't need to do that again! Didn't like it. Kids take tuna snacks for lunch.
I promised myself this year that I would try everything once,,,,I'm talking food here!

Cop Car

Egad! My lack of taste is now legion! I'll have to pay more attention when I eat tilapia!


At least you didn't pass your bad taste on to me - LOL!

I have since talked to other people that either have never heard of it, or said they didn't like it. No one but CC has admitted to enjoying it. I am really confounded as to how it became the 5th most peopular seafood with the numbers I have compliled!

Buffy - I too add on the "bad" stuff to get WS to eat it: milk, sour cream, white wine, bread crumbs and cheese - all of that could not disguise the taste.

That is the only meal that I have ever made where the leftovers were deliberatly dumped - even I wouldn't bring them in for my lunch!


I so know the feeling of trying to please a partner with healthy eating. After trying numerous varities of fish and shellfish we are down to two types salmon and tuna...egads!

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