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March 17, 2007



We do, but I've checked ours & they're ok. Our cats will only eat Special Kitty wet food. Everything else I've tried, they just turn up their noses & walk away offended as only cats can do.

This morning they're saying it may be a wheat gluten supplier the manufacturer used briefly.


I work for PETCO, we took this very seriously as soon as we heard and removed any related product from the shelves as a precaution as a safety measure for animals. I posted PETCO's information on my own blog as well:

Cop Car

I had heard about this on the radio, during the night; but, didn't catch the brands. Not that our cats should be concerned. The only wet food they get is what they catch or canned salmon/tuna--people style.


my yellow lab died thursday afternoon, his urine was very yellow for the past 2 weeks and vomiting we just thought he was sick at his stomach he only ate ol'roy dry dog food.. he went out and tried to pee , very little came out then he died 10 min. later he was very healthy and loved dearly , he lived in the house with us my children are having the hardest time. he was only 6 yrs. old.. please watch you dry dog food also


Thursday I just put down my cat Lic's age 14 due to kidny failure. The Vet said it was due to his old age. Well guess what..I fed my cat the "cuts with gray" from both Wal-Mart's Special Kitty and Price Chopper as he preferred the chunky meats in gray. Here I thought I was spoiling him by giving him what he wanted only to find out today that I was indirectlly killing him due to contaminated food from two different barands made by the same company. Lic's was my best friend and Menu Foods killed him. Is there any recourse for us?


Rick - glad to hear that Petco takes such things seriously!

Lori and Veea - I am extremely sorry to hear about your losses. It is really tough to lose a friend and family member. I know of no recourse at this point.


well i have a cat he almost die but my vet saved his life he had to have his male parts removed were he could pee and this happened when i feed him special kitty never thought feeding your cat can food could cause all this i wish i would have never tryed can food.


Allrighty then...with all this "on the list" or "not on the list" stuff has really gotten me worried. i recently bought a 8lb bag of Special Kitty DRY food adn then had the common sense to look up the product after i bought it. the wet food produced by Special Kitty is on the recall list but not the DRY food. i was wondering if it would be wise to feed my two cats the food anyway. i honestly don't want to wait and see if it is the food b/c by then they'll have some kidney disease or worse. one of my cats recently died of a bone difeciency and i don't think my family can take the hit if our other two cats and god help my dog gets into the stuff and dies. i would just like anyones oppinion before i give the food to my animals. what should i do?


They say the only food affected is wet food, so dry should be okay.

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