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March 18, 2007



Bogie, it seems that your 'neighborhood' is tough on residents. You and one other denizen are the only long term Tubbs Hill residents? You make Deering sound more like sections of my town, with a large seasonal population. Many of the seasonal homes here change hands on a relatively short but regular cycle. Or could it be that too many of your transitional neighbors really don't understand what it means to live there and burn out after a year or two, forcing them to return to 'civilization'?


Bogie, You didn't tell us the good stuff. I went back and reread the other 2 posts thinking I was going to read about your regular old Peyton Place, and no juicy gossip!

Cop Car

Since your first two pieces were so vividly written, and I got such a laugh over the whole thing, there was no need to review. I cannot imagine why the turnover is so great in your neck of the woods. It takes hardy people to live out there; but, as you asked about the length of your neighbor's drive, don't they know that?

Forty or fifty years ago, I would have loved taking up that lifestyle; but, when we were house-hunting 15 years ago, I decided that it was too late for me to become a pioneer, so we stuck to living in town. Somehow, I couldn't see your dad taking up country living. *still snickering at the thought*

Hope you can get your "meet and greet" together.

Cop Car

While reading your "Various Things", wherein you mentioned that the Security people were outta there, I got a vision that sent me into hysterical laughter (well, I broke a grin): People who file for bankruptcy have something valuable to protect with a security system???? Humpf!


DCE - There are only 2 long-term residents on Dickey Hill Road (including us). One elderly lady passed away last spring - she had been here probably 40 or more years (maybe 60 - I'm just pulling numbers out of my, uh, head). Another family that lived at the top of the road when we moved in sold their house last fall (all their kids and foster kids were grown so they didn't need such a large house anymore). I believe the next longest denizen is the "kid" across the street - that family built their house about 10 years ago (although there may be one other family that competes for that honor.

Tubbs Hill has 3 families that have been there as long or longer than we have. Brandy Lane has 2 long-term families.

Actually, considering that there were only 7-8 houses on DH, 2 on BL and 5 houses on TH when we moved here, I guess 7 long-termers isn't too bad.

I know of 4 places that were sold because of divorce, 2 were sold because local police officers live in them and they found jobs in other towns (although only 2 of those families lived here when we moved in). The reasons for the rest are unknown (we are lousy gossips except between the 2 of us).

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