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March 11, 2007


Wichi Dude

Indeed, the time change is a pain for just the reasons you gave.
As far as the computer systems go, WE are on MS (not Linux) and they warned us to keep an eye on EVERYTHING. Schedule meetings, but be warned. With global coverage, and the multiple time zones, everythiong is suspect for at least 2 weeks. Or so they say.
Oh, and THAT warning, it came out almost a month ago. They sent a reminder on it Friday before the end of work.

Cop Car

On the day before the DST change, my annually recurring day-long events (birthdays and anniversaries) suddenly lasted two days on Outlook and my interim appointments (those between then and the "real" DST change) were all an hour late. I manually fixed the problems. Then, yesterday morning, the date and time were correct on the computer clock display, but the interim appointments were, again, an hour late.

Unaccountably, the TREO (which should get its time hacks from the computer) showed the interim appointments as being an hour earlier than is correct. So, I fixed them. Today, they are, again, an hour earlier than is correct.

As to my iPAQ, since I can no longer sync it to my computer (thanks to the TREO software, which required that I remove the ActiveSync version that is used with the iPAQ), a manual reset of the clock fixed any problems it might have had.

Unfortunately, the "established order of things" already included DST (albeit a few weeks earlier/later).


How frustrating! We were able to download a patch for one computer, and manually reset the other. I still have to learn how to record on the VCR when I am away, so that was a moot point. There's something to being technologically insufficient.... It means you have fewer problems with DST.

Bogie, Dear Husband agrees with you. Just when he's enjoying a little light as he goes to work, they take it away. He's usually home by 5:00 so the extra time at night doesn't do him any good, unless he's painting the boat after work. Just WHAT was the reasoning behind extending DST? It seems to me that we spend more on fuel for early morning lights than we were, so that's a loss in my book.


Cop Car - yep, I could do without the "established" order of things any time.

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