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February 19, 2007


Cop Car

Until your last sentence, you had me sweating for you. What a plateful of chores you are filling for yourself!


I've tried, REALLY TRIED, to go the seed route. I get to the point where the plants need to be hardened off and they bite the dust. I've tried a LOT of things, short of a cold frame and a greenhouse, to start my own seeds. I really envy you, and I hope those little suckers come through for you!


While, I'm thinking of it, if you haven't seen the catalog from "Cook's Garden," you might enjoy it. They have a wonderful collection of romaine and lettuce seed, among other things.

Good luck with the tomatoes. I want to hear how the Siberan tomatoes turn out.


Cook's Garden is one of my favorites!

Hardening off can be a bit tricky. That is one of the reasons I enjoyed my greenhouse.

A couple of years ago, after the greenhouse was torn down, I needed to harden the plants off while we were in Kansas for Fantastic Niece's wedding. I made a cold frame out of bales of hay and the door from the exgreenhouse. I put the contraption in a shady area. Not only did the plants harden off while we were gone, they grew to about doule the size the were from growing indoors (handling them was a real chore).


We've on very rare occasions used bales of straw for sides around plants that need to be protected. It's certainly a simple way to move them out in colder temps. If I'd been in Kansas though...we would have had 80 degree weather and those seedlings would have cooked. :-(

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