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February 19, 2007


Cop Car

There is something to be said for planting vegetation that actually grows!Your rugosas looked really healthy when we were there in 2004 (or was it 2005?) That is the sort of rose that my grandmothers had on their farms--at the corners of the fences around their vegetable gardens. Mom, in town, had hybrid teas, mostly.

How was the color on your Blue Moon? Your dad asked me to plant one, and I think that I did; but, it must not have lived. We do have three miniature roses that are on the purplish pink side of the color wheel. They, unfortunately, seem to attract every bug in the county. They bloom profusely, but how healthy can a plant remain when the bugs eat off the leaves?

Like you, I don't have the yen (or the remembery, in my case) to keep the roses dusted and fed. That is why HH gets to do that.

You have lots of room, but not much of what I would consider to be prime rose real estate; so, where you would put all of those roses is a mystery to me. Good luck!!!


My mother loves roses. We have a cottage garden look to the front walk area, and there used to be six roses that lined one side of the walk. Then blackspot hit, and I think we are down to one, maybe two roses. We've tried a lot of things. One of my horticulturally oriented friends said that cinnamon dusted over the roses and the ground below would kill off the blackspot, but I don't think that's working.

CC...I need to talk to HH about what he uses to dust the roses.

We planted a climbing rose last year at the arbor on the north end of the herb garden. I think it may be too shaded there. :-( I'll be watching to see if it comes back after the three weeks we've had of deep freeze this winter.

The rugosa at the bend in the drive just keeps reinventing itself. I'll get DH to help me cut it down. Do you cut it back at the end of a growing season, or as a new season is starting?


Cop Car - I uploaded a picture of the rose to Garden & Yard 2006


Buffy - this area has problems with black spot and powdery mildew. My rugosas shrug such stuff off. The Carper roses and Knowck Off roses are supposed to do the same. The Blue Moon rose wasn't infected last year, so I got lucky there.

The rugosas I will cut down any time. I have done it in early spring and in the middle of summer. I believe I have also pruned them hard in late fall, but don't rightly remember.

Cop Car

Bogie--Thanks for the reminder. Your Blue Moon is about the same color as our miniature Lavender Laces.


I'll have to look into the Knock-Out roses and the Carpet roses, Bogie. The rugosa at the bend in the drive is pretty hardy. I think I'll cut it back next fall, if it looks healthy during the summer. Thanks for the advice!

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