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February 19, 2007



When your life is so closely planned, there isn't room for little bumps in the road like this. I hope that the repair, whatever it is, is simple and inexpensive.

Cop Car

I'll second Buffy's motion!


Fortunately, we believe it was high winds blowing the flame out - making it sound like it ws cutting out from lac of fuel. The heater never quit and I even got the laundry out as well as a shower later in the day.

Cop Car



YaaaHOOOOOOOOOO! No need to buy a new heater! I wish we could work the same magic with our microwave. I think it's time to find a new one.


Actually, the heater is on its last legs (20 years is fairly old for a FHW heater). We have issues with it regurgitating water, the firebrick deteriorating and a few other things. We had a guy stop by on Monday night that is going to get together a price for replacing it.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be replaced this week - it just isn't going to safely get us thru to many more seasons (and it is our hot water heater too - so we need it all seasons).

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