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February 23, 2007



Bogie, I won't even attempt that one,I wish I was a bit of a 'geek'...I don't even know how to put links in my posts. Can you point me to a site that can show me how in ten or less easy steps?


Matty - I sent you an email that, hopefully, will help you out.

Cop Car

Green on black, I cannot read. Had to skip the test (not that I consider myself a geek, anyway, but Iwent to see what the test looked like.)

Wichi Dude

All I can say is the test MUST be skewed. I rated a 55+ score. Now THAT'S just not right.

And I agree, there was a lot of questions that could have been asked that weren't.


WD - I knew you would score very high because since you do games!


Hey Bogie, it's been a long while. Don't worry, I only got a 36.29 on the quiz and I do play games.

Take care, good to see you're doing well.

~ tim


Wow, glad you are back!

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