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January 11, 2007



perhaps posting about what youve learned will act as reinforcement?


Yep, I'll bet you guys can't wait to read about gates and switches and counting in base 2, base 8 or base 16.


ah but, knowledge is power bogie!


Congratulations on the return to school! I waited ten years to go back and I'm very glad I didn't let the experience get by me. I lucked out. I was able to get a job with the university as a graduate assistant. It's harder to do it one class at a time, but I know you'll do well.

The explanation for the 8-9:40 class is easy. It's a two hour class with no interruptions, so you get the 10 minute passing time for both classes AFTER the class. Did I explain that adequately??


The first time I went back to school was 14 years after I got out of High school (I didn't get my Bachelor's until I was 41). So I know all about the 1 class at a time deal - I am just used to being able to get in 5-6 classes per year if I don't take any semesters off.

Your explaination would be perfect for the end time except this is the same class (just a lab either in the same room, or one next door) and the time states explicitly that the lab lasts from 8:01 until 9:40. That doesn't mean that they aren't building in a 10 minute break, just in that case I would expect the lab to start at 8:10.

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