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January 06, 2007



Women don't need to ask,,,,,we have what is called 'intuition', and it kicks in when needed.
Or,,,,if the other person is crying, hyper-ventilating, well,I think thats a clue too.
Happy New Year.


Bogie, Dear Husband has done some horrible things to his body in the name of Accidents, and he never, ever calls to let me know what he's done. Usually, I find out about them piecemeal, over an extended period of time. I suppose that's why I start asking questions as soon as I get an inkling that something has gone wrong.

There was the time he tried to set himself on fire lighting a fire tube on the job during the winter....

And the time when he tore the ligaments in his hand trying to unhook a trailer from the truck...

And the time when a brick fell from a scaffold and he had to have stitches in his head.

In all fairness, those are the only really bad things that come to mind over the quarter of a century I've known him. He's agile, a good driver and smart about jobsite safety. But, when something goes wrong, he's not gonna ask for help, and that's the part of the story that bothers me.


Buffy, I wasn't trying to put you down for asking questions or reacting the wasy you did. Everyone responds differently - which is neither good nor bad. I was more pointing out how uncaring I can seem to outsiders looking in.

WS has also done things which I later find out about (a somewhat similar list: stitches in head, severly sprained ankle which need a cast for 8 weeks - no fire though, that I know of anyway).

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