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December 24, 2006


Cop Car

It took me a minute to catch up to you: sweet bread versus sweatbreads. Oh, well. You can understand why I couldn't imagine your taking something that smelled like cooking sweatbreads--for a snack. I do enjoy sweatbreads, but it's been years since I've had any. (Organ meats are taboo on a low-cholesterol diet.) Anyway, the bread sounds great! (I have a batch of dough rising, now--for HH's nut rolls and my Rolla rolls.)


Yep, I boo-booed. this is a sweet bread not a sweatbread.

On the other hand, I have been known to cook up chicken livers, gizzards and hearts to have for a snack.

Had some friends over last night and we called out for pizza. Usually I have ice cream for desert, but had to tell them there was no desert unless they wanted some squash bread or caramels. They opted for the bread and thought it delicious.

Even WS tried some and declared it "very good" - and he doesn't do squash. Everyone agreed that the pecans probably worked out better than the walnuts would have.

Cop Car

How interesting. People had room for dessert following pizza? Unheard of! I tried pecans and walnuts, together, this morning. HH wanted walnut nut roll, which I made for him. When I made my Rolla rolls, I put a bit of the walnut mixture on the inner edge of the dough so that it would be in the center of each roll. It was good!


There were 4 people and 2 large pizzas - only 2 pices left when we were done. I think we were all bottomless pits that night!

Ooh, a combo of nuts, that might be worth trying next time I make squash bread!

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