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December 16, 2006



I had an RCA DVD player that I bought some 6 years ago. For the most part it worked without a hitch. But a couple of years ago I bought a DVD that nt only wouldn't play on the player, it would actually shut off the player every time I attempted to play that movie.

I have since replaced that player and the problem hasn't recurred.


hmm, food for thought.

Cop Car

We just watched the 3rd DVD that has ever been in our machine. You can imagine the smirk on my face when Hunky Husband played it and got the wrong movie--and gunched about it--and I sweetly told him that if he'd play the DVD instead of the VHS, we would see "Iceage: Meltdown" instead of "2001".


HH can't feel too bad - WS did that just a couple of weeks ago.

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