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December 30, 2006



Mike has the same problem with watches, though I did buy him a $60 Fossil watch once that lasted about 4 yrs. We haven't replaced it yet so I don't know if it was a fluke or what. OTOH he can often just walk into the room with a malfunctioning computer and it will suddenly start working perfectly.

I'm happy with that trade-off.

Cop Car

Perhaps I had it backward. Since you were found in a basket on our doorstep, I should suspect that the aliens got to you long ago. You have only recently exorcized them and are making up for lost time by displaying human tendancies! Love you, Sweetie! ;*}

We all whine about our little problems on occasion, and we are truly sorry when someone has a large/serious problem; but, we all got zillions of little problems that we normally swat off like gnats. (Of course, NH is famous for its teeny-tiny, winged wildlife, isn't it?)

My comment was spawned by the fact that you don't normally let the little crap get to you. Maybe you are just trying to assure that we readers are entertained??

1) Your Grandpa H couldn't keep a watch running, either. 2) No, my mail problems in ABQ didn't start with you. (The only real issue was when I had been out of town for three weeks and they insisted that they had no mail for me! That took me 30-40 minutes to straighten out--by going to the nearby "warehouse".) 3) I think your statistics are off. It isn't one in 1,000,000; but, 999,997 in 1,000,000.


Rita - I tried the mid-range watches (the one that lasted 3 days was $50).

I also have that effect on cell phone batteries. I can't carry the phone in my purse or the battery only lasts 2 days before a charge is needed (I don't use the phone but maybe once per month). If I leave it on my passenger side visor all the time, a charge will last 7-8 days.


Cop Car - I am sorry if you don't like what you read (oh, wait, no I'm not). If you don't want to read it, don't. There are plenty of your posts that I don't read because I'm not interested - but I don't complain about it.

I am way old enough not to need my mommy to tell me what I can write and what I can't.

Cop Car

*groveling* Apologies...apologies....Help! Let me out of this doghouse, please.


may 2007 be the year that you stop being special to all the crap things and start having a normal life with normal bills and normal mail!


I'm the same way, I have 6 watches that I don't wear,,they never work on me,,,,they irritate me, so yes, I irritate everyone else by always asking the time. The nice thing about having your own blog, is you make the rules,,,,you can be morose or happy or silly, you call the shots.
I enjoy reading the posts.
Have a healthy, happy prosperous New Year.


Cop Car - Missy and Prince would seriously be put out if you stayed in their Domajal, so You better get in out of the cold!

Bod - Thanks for wishing for me "normaldom" - I truly need it!

Matty - great way of expressing it!


Bogie's "Bermuda Triangle." (eerie music in the background.....)

Wow...what a list of trials and tribulations! Like Bod, I hope that 2007 will be a better year for you.

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