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December 25, 2006


Cop Car

You take such great photos!

Newspaper--We absorb knowledge through osmosis.

Shadowpaper--Well, some things just have to be read to be understood.

Wolfshadow--Pssst! Wolf, let me whisper in your ear what I read in the newspaper.

Pillowtory--You worry about the silliest things, Bogie. Of course I won't fall on my head!

And the photo of Birdie is just one great picture of a photogenic bird!


Pillowtory...MY kind of cat. Let me just stretch out here for a bit (yawnnnnnn) more, will ya??

You do take wonderful pictures. I need to have you give me lessons. Santa brought me a digital camera for Christmas!


Merry Christmas, to the Bogie household!


Next time I put pictures in the albums I will letCop Car come up with the captions!

Thanks for the Chrismas wishes Buffy!


Those winterberrys remind me of a conversation i was having with my brother. Berries for the birds or Bushes for the Berries? I work at a place that sells winterberry bushes. Many people want them because they attract birds to the yard, The birds love the berries. Some people want them to add color to the bleak nothingness of a winter yard, and those people don't want their berries eaten. Oh well...


Fortunately, I am happy either way - sharing with the birds or getting winter interest. Actually, our new landscaping project will use more plants that supply either food or shelter for wildlife (that is the plan anyway).

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