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November 29, 2006



We watched 24 the first season, but then it got boring. There's only so many plots that can be gleaned from "Oh No! Timmy fell in the well & terrorists are going to blow him up!" Occasionally watch The Simpsons, but the rest of the list? No thanks.

We don't own an IPod either. Who wants to go to all the trouble of mixing songs & loading them when there's satellite radio?

Cop Car

Food fight! Food fight! er...I meant...Generational fight! Generational fight!

Perhaps the type of people who would willingly live in NYC, among whom Ronni has lived for so many years, differ from those who live "in the sticks" or "in the midland". Too, Ronni has been much more plugged into the types of goings-on that have TV/mass entertainment at their center. (Many of us wouldn't be caught dead spending so much time even thinking about media. For one to expect others to spend that kind of time on it would be like my expecting everyone to groove on airplanes and the aircraft industry!) I suspect that much of the description of generations that some of us fail to recognize are more nearly descriptions of people who are large-city-aficionados.

I give Ronni much credit for the research that she has willing put in to dig up facts on pending legislation, et cetera. Our life-experience of the generations is just vastly different. Good rebuttal, Bogie. (Even if I am predjudiced!)


Must go read Ronni's post,,,I too don't watch those shows,,,I'm a baby boomer and I don't own an Ipod or a cell phone.
Having kids and grandkids I'm well aware of what they are!


I thought maybe we wre just weird. Not that we aren't weird, but we seem to be more normal about the iPod thing than Ronnie suggested.

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