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November 30, 2006



My sister, a/k/a "the Cat Lady", would love this.


aw cute. i suppose it could be offensive if you dont see it in the spirit which it was obviously intended.

Cop Car

Cute, Bogie, cute. How can it be more sacrilegious than a regular nativity scene? Even if one takes the bible as absolute fact, there is no way that the "wise men" could have been present when Jesus was a tiny baby--beings as how it took years for them to find their way. By then, of course, not only would Jesus be a toddler, but Mary and Joseph would have returned home from their trip to the tax-paying party. (I don't recall, but I rather doubt that all "three" would have been present at the same month, let alone the same time!) If it's all the same to you, though, I'll pass on this dust catcher--lol.

Wichi Dude

Awwwww, who cares. Cute is cute. And a livelier set I can't think of. And I don't even like cats. LOL Go figure.


Hey, if you really like it, I'll get it for you for Christmas ;)

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